This day’s adventure landed me in a town that I have never visited nor heard of before. Why I went there was utterly random. I found a city on the map, drove there, parked in the center of town, and walked around exploring. Where did I end up? – Exeter, New Hampshire

I am happy that I did. Exeter is a beautiful historic town located in Southeastern New Hampshire. The downtown area has a historic vibe, and it feels like you stepped back to a time in a small town when everyone knew everyone. I learned a lot about the history of Exeter while I was there. Among many other notable items – it served as New Hampshire’s Revolutionary War Capital, an original copy of the Declaration of Independence is in the museum, and Abraham Lincoln gave a speech there in 1860.

During my walk through town, I stopped in for a beer and a burger at the Sea Dog Brewery. The food was good, and the atmosphere was pleasant and fit with the vibe of the town. It was the perfect place to stop on a cold winter day to fill my stomach for my walk around town. Before leaving Exeter, I grabbed an amazing hot chocolate and delicious scone from Me & Ollie’s Bakery and Cafe. Everyone that I came across was friendly and fit the historic feel of the town.

I understand why people live there, and if any real estate opens up…