If you’re using the latest release of PhotoShop (at the time of this writing, it is version 22.0.1), you will notice that PhotoShop displays a list of your recently opened images on your Home Screen.

PhotoShop displaying your recent images on the Home Screen may help access recent files when working on a personal computer. However, if you are working on a public computer or sharing the application with someone else on your computer, you may not want someone to see the images that you recently opened.

How to clear recent files in PhotoShop

The Recent Files list is cleared in PhotoShop via the File Menu. Click File > Open Recent > Clear Recent File List.

This will clear the images from your Home Screen.

Also, when a photo associated with a recent file entry has been removed, PhotoShop will prompt you to remove the picture from the list when you select the photo. This is helpful; however, the image preview is available until an attempt to open it or the image’s recent entry position move to a higher number than is displayed on the list.

How to set the number of recent files in PhotoShop

PhotoShop displays, by default, the 20 most recent images that you opened. The number of most recent images displayed on the Home Screen is set on the File Handling section of PhotoShop’s Preferences. If you change the value to “0,” then PhotoShop will not display any most recent photos.

Optionally, you can also set to not display the Home Screen on the General section of PhotoShop’s preferences, but the recent photos will still be available to see.